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    I’ve known women who can and do look like this picture and I personally have a lot of respect for what they do. It is insulting to the lady in the photo to say you “would not want to look like her anyway” as if you are disgusted.

    I must say that you can be jealous of other things, such as the amount of calories someone can consume in comparison to perhaps what you believe you can consume. And it is completely possible for a woman to consume over 3,000 calories and not be fat. When a majority of calories come from sugar, for example, you are given a ton of energy and brain power (of which, brains need much fuel to function.) Eat a lot of meat, fat and low carb and your metabolism will be RIP.
    Calcium/Vitamin D
    Brain use

    All things to consider when thinking about calories and fat storage.

    Also I did not get the impression that Matt was saying all women should look like the photo. His point was that us women kick ass and can also eat a shit ton, do concentric training, and still be as ripped as any dude.

    neeny meeny

    blurg – I’m a 31 year old female with a 5 month old baby. I consume more than 3000 calories a day and am as slim as the woman in that photo (although I have very little muscle). In fact, when I was consuming less I had a bloated belly, and only now that I’m consuming more do I have the flat belly I haven’t seen since I was a teen and started worrying about what I ate. I think that all Matt was saying is that you can’t make a generalised comment like women can’t eat more than 3000 calories or they’ll get fat, because some women do eat more and aren’t fat. Why? I don’t know, but we do exist, and we don’t all work out all day every day.

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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